NTEFThe fact that ntef™ is the first and only MBDC Cradle to Cradle certified formulation for use in the production of self-skinning molded PU components and that it is manufactured without the use of more traditional halogenated flame retarding chemicals are just a couple reasons to use it in the production of your parts and pieces. ntef™ is also 100% recyclable. And every time we produce a part made with ntef™ in it, you can rest assured that when you are done with it, we will take it back and certify that it is being used in the production of other products. We realize that our planet will only be as healthy as we decide to make it. This is why using products that help reduce our footprint is important to us. And, with every project created using ntef™, GT will offset the transportation carbon footprint. Click on the link below to see our certificate.

Carbonfund Certificate